Ends on April 5, 2019


Prose includes fiction, nonfiction, and all the gray areas in between. We accept prose works up to 6,000 words. 

Artifacts (minibooks, flipbooks, ect) are published twice a year. Selections for Artifacts are made from the works published in the PDF (online) issues.

Due to space considerations, only prose pieces under 500 words can be considered for print as Artifact postcards. Prose between 500 and 6,000 words will be considered for PDF publication only. 

Formatting: Please follow these guidelines to format your manuscript. Only Times New Roman (12 pt) and Courier New (11 pt) black fonts will be read. Remember to double space your work. File must be Microsoft Word compatible.

Files: Name your submission file with your surname and the piece’s title, like this: Surname_Submission Title.docx. Only docx and rtf files are accepted.

Cover Letter: Please include a word count for your piece and an author bio of no more than three sentences written in the third person.

Simultaneous submissions are fine as long as you withdraw your submission promptly if it is chosen for publication elsewhere. 

NOTE: We will not publish reprints.